Yoann Hispa

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Yoann Hispa is CEO and founder of PetroValues. Prior to that, he was President of Optimix Energy Corp where he worked as COO for Private Investors, Private Equities, and small E&P companies in their oil and gas evaluations, acquisitions, divestitures, and drilling operations. Yoann has 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry mainly with Operators in various technical roles from Geoscientist to Reservoir Engineer. While at Anadarko Petroleum Corp, Yoann worked on most of the Unconventional US Onshore assets, in International Exploration, and as Technical Team Lead of Wattenberg’s development. Yoann holds an Executive MBA from the University of Colorado, an MS in Petroleum Eng. from the University of Texas at Austin, an MS in Geomechanics from the University of Birmingham (UK), an MSc in Civil Engineering from ESTP (Paris, France), and a BS equivalent in Math/Physics. Yoann speaks fluently English, French, Spanish, and Czech.


TUES NOV 19    |    8AM – 12PM    |    OLD TOWN FARM


During this workshop, Soil Value Exchange and PetroValues will explore and expand on the energy enterprises they’re implementing on working lands as a way to diversify income streams for ranchers and farmers. After introductory presentations from both businesses, workshop attendees will have the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions for a deeper dive into the work of either Soil Value Exchange or PetroValues.

Soil Value Exchange Breakout Session:
Soil Value Exchange is a public benefit limited liability company helping to reverse climate change by paying ranchers and farmers to restore soil health across America’s hundreds of millions of acres of grazing lands. They bring together landowners who store carbon in their soil with a network of buyers willing to purchase that carbon storage. Through Soil Value Exchange, farmer and ranchers get access to a network of expert ranchers and grazing consultants, free soil measurements, and the opportunity to create a new revenue stream on their land. Join Dr. Henk Mooiweer as he shares more information about soil carbon storage and why/how farmers and ranchers are getting involved.

PetroValues Breakout Session:
PetroValues is an oil and gas marketplace that gives landowners the resources of an oil and gas company. PetroValues consists of numerous oil and gas professionals—such as reservoir engineers, geologists, landmen, and others—who help provide resources to mineral owners that aren’t typically offered. Reba Epler and Yoann Hispa will cover mineral rights and leases, getting the best deal, oil/gas/carbon dioxide/water pipelines, water sales, surface use and damage agreements, and any other relevant topics for the audience.

*Silicon Ranch Corporation will no longer be participating in this session, as previously advertised.