Carbon Ranch Initiative

Program Overview

The goal of this program is to build the capacity of producers, land managers, and technical service providers to implement land management practices focused on mitigation of and adaptation to climate change to support and improve local, rural food systems and economies.

We are building capacity through:

  • On-farm soil health workshops that are adaptive, inclusive, locally based and participatory
  • Demonstration projects where producers show producers, technical advisors, and land managers techniques that increase ecosystem resilience in arid and semi arid working lands
  • Research that is participatory and collaborative and results in outcomes that can be applied to working lands
  • Network building in communities to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, techniques, and resources to increase community resilience 
  • Interface and partner with government agencies to leverage state and nationwide efforts with our own for robust, long lasting, widespread impacts on land management

Broadly, we seek to answer these two questions:

1. How can we use the healthy soil principles to increase productivity, diversity, and resilience (to drought, erosion, etc.) on working drylands?

2.  How can waste be transformed to improve ecological, social, and economic outcomes for rural producers?

CRI Team

Eva Stricker

Eva Stricker

Carbon Ranch Director
CJ Ames

CJ Ames

Carbon Ranch Initiative Project Manager
Katherine Ottmers

Katherine Ottmers

Carbon Ranch Initiative Technical Planner