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“Quivira is training the next generation in true land stewardship. They focus on regenerating our western lands by restoring the health of soil to bring back fertility and water-holding capacity, and they show us that we can regenerate our western lands to support livestock and wildlife, as well as the people who depend on them.”

Pamela Boll

Member, Mystic Artists Productions, Boulder, CO

What Can Your Donation Do?

  • $20 – covers shipping costs for soil analysis
  • $60 – covers the cost of hosting one of our “Weekly Unwind” drop-in calls for New Agrarian Program apprentices, building their social network, community, and resilience against the stress of working in agriculture 
  • $100 – covers purchasing local meat, produce, and baked goods for a workshop
  • $500 – provides 10 hours of technical assistance to an underserved producer or grant writing support for an under-resourced partner organization
  • $1,000 – covers one New Agrarian Program alumni scholarship, allowing them to purchase equipment or pursue technical assistance that supports their burgeoning agricultural enterprise

Your financial support empowers our collective success on the land.

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