Support Quivira

Help us foster resilience on working lands

Your passion for the land and this coalition is of paramount importance, and is what drives us at Quivira. The time you spend with family, friends, and community — nurturing relationships and growing this community of practice — is foundational to our work.

The work that your financial support empowers is also critical to our collective success. When you support the Quivira Coalition, you build soil, restore watershed health, foster the next generation of ranchers and farmers, and cultivate community.

What can your donation do?

$10 buys Quivira much needed soil testing supplies
$50 covers shipping costs for soil analysis
$100 covers the cost of someone tuning in for a virtual workshop
$200 sends a New Agrarian apprentice to the Regenerate conference

OTher ways to give

Become a member or become a Resiliency Partner through planned giving.

Become a member

Becoming a member of the Quivira Coalition is one of the easiest and best ways to support our work. We offer monthly or annual membership subscriptions which come with the benefit of our annual publication, Resilience,  and discounts to our annual conference, Regenerate.

Charitable Retirement Distribution

As of 2020, annual minimum withdrawals from traditional individual retirement accounts (SEP simple IRAs) and some other retirement plans are required of most individuals 72 years old and older. These disbursements may significantly increase your income taxes.  As a way to avoid this, use your distribution to make a tax-free gift directly from your IRA to the Quivira Coalition. If you are interested in making a charitable distribution from your retirement account to Quivira, please contact Sam Hinkle (information below). 

Donate securities

Appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds are also a gift you can make today to support Quivira and reduce your tax burden.  By donating these to Quivira directly instead of selling your holdings and donating profit, you avoid taxes associated with the additional income. If you are interested in making a donation of securities, please contact Sam Hinkle (information below).

Planned Giving

Planned giving is also referred to as gift planning or legacy giving. In a nutshell, it is a donor’s intention to contribute a major gift to an organization, beyond their lifetime. When you remember the Quivira Coalition in your estate plan, you become a Resiliency Partner, creating a legacy in the radical center by joining other like-minded supporters to help safeguard Quivira’s work into the future. 

A legacy gift made through your will or revocable trust, or by naming Quivira as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance, may be the most impactful donation you’ve ever given! Gifts to charitable organizations are excluded from estate tax.