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The Quivira Coalition is a great place to work, at the intersection of conservation and agriculture. We are a warm group that works to walk our talk and create a safe place to work in. We hope you consider being part of our team!  If you are interested in an internship, make us a proposal!

The Quivira Coalition aims to shift current practices of agriculture and land stewardship to those that produce good food, support meaningful livelihoods in rural places, sustain biodiversity, and remedy the impacts of climate change. We do this work through agricultural apprenticeship, land and water restoration, and farmer- and rancher-led knowledge exchange.

Coordinator for the New Mexico Coalition to Enhance Working Lands


New Mexico Coalition to Enhance Working Lands (NMCEWL, is a network of groups and individuals whose purpose is to support and enhance ongoing efforts to improve the health and productivity of New Mexico working lands that support agriculture and the environment. Our focus is to increase soil health, biodiversity, and hydrologic function wherever possible.

Our goals are to acknowledge and support the good work being done on our working lands by landowners and stewards as well as the organizations supporting them, to develop funding opportunities to support them, and to provide professional development and networking opportunities. Through these activities we engage all New Mexico working lands organizations and agencies to identify the collective problems of land and natural resource managers and work within the coalition to solve them or engage in collaborative activities that address those needs.

Who we’re looking for

NMCEWL is seeking a full-time coordinator for a two-year grant funded position. We are seeking someone who has a passion for championing and supporting the ongoing and diverse efforts of agricultural producers, other land and natural resource managers, organizations, and agencies currently engaged in their efforts to improve working lands in New Mexico. We are looking for someone who will bring a high degree of professionalism and organization to working with diverse groups of people to grow and support NMCEWL. 

The NMCEWL coordinator should have experience and enthusiasm for: working with farmers, ranchers, and natural resource management professionals; navigating the challenges, opportunities, and social dynamics in agricultural and natural resource collaborations; communicating complex land management issues in clear, constructive, and non-polarizing ways; and organizing events and facilitating a community of practice around working lands collaboration. 

Description of the position

The NMCEWL Coordinator will be tasked with the following activities:

  • Develop a land-based coalition-building toolkit geared specifically to the working lands contexts in New Mexico, and demonstrate its use
  • Design and implement a fellowship program that will help diverse grassroots leaders build trust and dialogue around key issues in their communities and embark on projects that are tailored to their local needs
  • Coordinate and collaborate on a solutions-based communications strategy to highlight stories of successful collaborations that have enhanced working lands and to promote the availability of the coalition resources
  • Identify and engage additional sources of funding to continue the work of NMCEWL

In addition to these four specific activities, the NMCEWL coordinator will help shape and facilitate other NMCEWL activities to support collaboration, including maintaining a website that champions land stewardship successes, a listserv to promote community cross pollination, monthly stakeholder calls, and an annual summit. All of these activities will evolve with a commitment identifying ways to more effectively include communities that have been historically and systematically excluded from land stewardship decision-making processes.

Employment status

The NMCEWL coordinator will technically be an employee of the Quivira Coalition, but will report to and be directed by the steering committee (Quivira Coalition, Holistic Management International, and the Western Landowners Alliance). The coordinator will be responsible for regular reporting to the steering committee, identifying and recommending contractors for fellowship training, and overseeing and executing all the program activities outlined in this proposal. The coordinator’s work and program outcomes will be evaluated by the steering committee. 

More details on specific work

The coordinator and steering committee are tasked with working with coalition members to articulate processes and structures that ensure that NMCEWL is inclusive and serves the needs of working land stewards and stakeholders in New Mexico. We believe that the processes NMCEWL uses to make decisions should reflect the processes and values we use to guide the coalition’s work. The coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that these are in alignment.

The NMCEWL coordinator will develop the fellowship program, conduct outreach and advertising, solicit nominations for the fellowships from coalition members, and also manage a direct application process. A selection committee will be recruited, representing the diverse geography and cultures in New Mexico, and will have full, final authority over selection. The coordinator, in partnership with the steering committee, will identify a team of coaches to provide training and facilitation of the fellowship gatherings.

The coordinator will also be responsible for NMCEWL toolkit development, in collaboration with the steering committee and other coalition members. Monthly calls will provide information about what tools are most needed to support collaboration. The coordinator will also maintain the coalition website and work with staff from WLA, HMI, and the Quivira Coalition to develop content for news stories, case studies, and newsletters. 

Desired Qualifications

  • Commitment to supporting inclusivity in NMCEWL’s activities
  • Excellent, professional written and verbal English communication skills
  • Superior organizational skills with coordinating a diverse and busy coalition
  • Strong skills related to working with diverse groups of people and cross-cultural communication
  • Experience community organizing in New Mexico
  • Experience in organizing a fellowship program or similar community-of-practice activities
  • Experience working in and communicating about agriculture, natural resource management, or both
  • Experience writing grants and engaging in other types of nonprofit fundraising
  • Experience in experiential/participatory education and outreach
  • Experience with MS Office and G Suite
  • Valid US Driver’s License 
  • Must be able to lift 25 lbs and work long hours bending and walking outdoors
  • Must be able to travel to remote locations where camping may be required
  • Flexible schedule to accommodate weekend and remote work

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • NMCEWL Summit and other meeting coordination
    • Scheduling
    • Pre and post communication with hosts and attendees
    • On-site attendance when necessary
    • Facilitate event documentation and evaluation
    • Venue, supply, and food coordination
    • Promotion via online and in NMCEWL’s networks
    • Handle expenses associated with events according to Quivira Coalition procedures
  • Fellowship development
    • Design a 16-month fellowship program to cultivate NMCEWL leadership
    • Manage fellowship budget
    • Organize quarterly meetings including agenda creation and logistics
    • Identify and engage instructors and trainers to fulfill fellowship goals
    • Facilitate and engage fellows in a community of practice that reflects the goals of NMCEWL 
  • Fundraising
    • Identify grant opportunities to support growth of NMCEWL
    • Work with steering committee to write grants
    • Build relationships with individual donors to support NMCEWL
  • Program administration
    • Accounts payable for contractors
    • Receipt reconciliation
    • Accounts receivable for grantors
    • Ordering supplies and print materials
  • Personnel administration
    • Statement of work, contractual agreements, tax forms and direct deposit for contractors
    • General point of contact for NMCEWL
  • Other duties as assigned by the steering committee 


Terms of Employment

  • Reports directly to the NMCEWL steering committee
  • Compensation $20-24/hr depending on experience, paid bi-weekly
  • 40 hours a week
  • This position is primarily based out of Quivira’s Santa Fe offices, with travel and remote work necessary
  • No relocation compensation – the ideal candidate is already based in or near Santa Fe
  • After 3 months benefits include health care, dental, vision, simple IRA, paid-time-off, short and long term life insurance and disability policy

Application Instructions

To apply, please send the following to with the subject line, NMCEWL Coordinator Application.

  • Resume
  • Cover letter which addresses the following:
    • Why are you excited about this work?
    • What makes you a good fit and how are you uniquely qualified?
    • Why is this work important?
    • Anything else you’d like us to know about you in considering your application
  • Three professional references