Nathan Burk

Nathan Burk prides himself in supporting the niche meat industry. Over the past decade Nathan has garnered a breadth of experience working in various segments of the cattle and meat industries. From cow/calf and seedstock operations to packing plants and meat retail settings, Nathan is passionate about providing both strategy and solutions. Equally comfortable in the branding pens and the butcher shop, Nathan can also bring value in the boardroom. Nathan has a strong creative drive and is focused on providing business driven strategies for his clients. Nathan has a belief that butchery can be less intimidating and more accessible. Nathan has a BA in Environmental Studies and is currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nathan is creating a Legacy for his vision and purpose with his family.


TUES NOV 19    |    1 – 5PM    |    OLD TOWN FARM


The Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance is proud to present this workshop as part of a new initiative to provide original programming to the community of ranchers and meat business operators in the region. The workshop will provide an introduction to the basics and exploration of the nuances of the middle supply chain elements of a grassfed meat business: everything that happens from the moment of harvest until it leaves your hands as sellable product.

During the workshop, we will cover calculating yield during butchery and processing in depth, from live weight through cut-out decisions and how best to weigh your options in marketing various cuts. We will take a look at a few proprietary tools to work with to make the process simple. We will also discuss the integrity of your processor relationship, and review the soft skills, collaboration and creative ideas necessary to cultivating a successful raport. Lastly, we will briefly review inventory management tactics as well as touch on next steps for educating, savvy sales and pricing strategies as a preview for upcoming in-depth SWGLA courses to be taught on these topics in early 2020.

This course is geared towards producers and industry stakeholders wanting a general introduction to the meat supply chain in order to understand the various considerations for operating meat program. It is appropriate for beginner or experienced producers who want to develop or refine skills and knowledge, specifically those looking most to improve practices around yield tracking and processing realities.