Michael Graziano

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Michael lives in Nashville, TN. His film work has appeared on a variety of media outlets including Netflix, National Geographic, CNBC, ABC, Al Jazeera and more. He also creates original content for mission-driven brands and non-profits. Prior to working in film full-time Michael was a PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow in film and media studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. He is an avid supporter and follower of Regenerative Agriculture.

Keynote – Food is Medicine

Food is medicine, but much of what is produced in commercial agriculture comes with the burden of sometimes poisonous inputs, reduced nutritional value, and many other health risks. Connecting how we treat our working lands, how produce our food, the food choices we make, and human health can be a complex puzzle to understand. Join us for a conversation about the connections between agriculture, conservation, soil health, and human health. Panelists are Michael Graziano, Diane Rogers, and Allison Sosna. This powerhouse panel of experts will discuss their work in nutrition, public health, advocacy, and more.

This talk is free to those attending the conference and does not require registration.