Jillian Hishaw

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Jillian Hishaw is an agricultural attorney, Founder & CEO of Hishaw Law LLC., Family Agriculture Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S.), and author of “Don’t Bet the Farm on Medicaid.” Hishaw is well-versed in the areas of civil rights and agricultural policy. In 2017, Hishaw was recognized as a “Food Changemaker” by CLIF Bar Co. and has been interviewed by O (Oprah) Magazine, the Atlantic, Vice News, the Washington Post and more. Hishaw has 15 years of professional experience and has raised funds for various hunger relief, conservation, and law programs. In 2019, Hishaw was ranked No. 5 out of 14 Women Leaders in the World, Changing the Food and Agriculture Industry in 2019 by Food Tank, an international organization focused on sustainability.

Plenary Panel

Race Equity in Agriculture