2018 Speakers

Betsy Ross

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Betsy Ross is a CEO of Sustainable Growth Texas, LLC and Co-Owner/Founder of Betsy Ross Grass Fed Beef. She began her soil remediation work at her cattle operation outside of Granger, TX. The grass-fed business started in 1992 after hearing Sally Fallon speak in Dallas. To improve her soil, she pioneered liquid compost extracts to manage large tracts of land in Texas. Her company has grown into the servicing and consulting of land owners who desire to transition from chemical to non-chemical (organic) based systems. Work has included prairie restoration, erosion control, grazing lands, park and trail remediation. Using native plants, subtle energy, and the soil food web to create functioning ecosystems has become the company’s signature protocol.

Sisters of the Soil Panel

Soil functions as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans, but understanding how it does this, and the impact our practices and consumer choices have on its ability to absorb water, grow food, feed us, and sequester carbon can be more complicated to understand. Join us for a conversation about the connections between agriculture, conservation, soil health, and gut health. Panelists are Christine Su, Nicole Masters, and Betsy Ross. This powerhouse panel of experts will discuss their work in science, ranching, medicine, technology, conservation, and much more.