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Tuesday, November 19

Farmland for the Next Generation: Land Access Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Tues Nov 19    |    8am – 12pm    |   Hotel Albuquerque

$40    |   Registration Open

American Farmland Trust has developed a performance-based curriculum to give agricultural educators and service providers practical knowledge and skills to effectively deliver land access trainings. Through innovative teaching concepts and a skills-based learning process designed for maximum learner retention, this training will train trainers to assist beginning farmers and ranchers with gaining access to land and securing land tenure. Through an introduction to the curriculum and a demonstration of the lesson plan on financial readiness, participants will gain knowledge of the full curriculum with tools, resources, worksheets and activities that will assist them in offering workshops to beginning farmers and ranchers with the goal of success in agriculture.

Energy Enterprises on the Ranch Workshop

Tues Nov 19    |    8am – 12pm    |    Old Town Farm

$50 (free for conference attendees)   |   Registration Open

During this workshop, Silicon Ranch Corporation and PetroValues will explore and expand on the energy enterprises they’re implementing on working lands as a way to diversify income streams for ranchers and farmers. After introductory presentations from both businesses, workshop attendees will have the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions for a deeper dive into the work of either Silicon Ranch Corporation or PetroValues.

Silicon Ranch Corporation Breakout Session:
Regenerative EnergyTM was established by Silicon Ranch Corporation in 2018 as a transformative new model for the solar industry to improve the way we manage our land, positively impacting millions of acres and countless rural economies over time. To deliver Regenerative EnergyTM, we partner with regenerative ranchers and farmers across the country—such as Cabriejo Ranch—to implement regenerative agriculture practices on solar farm land. This will not only help ensure adequate food for a growing population, but will also provide money-making opportunities to ranchers and landowners.

We plan to cover the following topics during this workshop, subject to change based on interest and demand: what is Regenerative Energy TM, why is it important, case studies and success stories, a vision for the future, and opportunities for ranchers and landowners.

Bringing Meat to Market: A Supply Chain Primer

Tues Nov 19    |    1 – 5pm    |    Old Town Farm

$50 (free for conference attendees)   |   Registration Open

The Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance is proud to present this workshop as part of a new initiative to provide original programming to the community of ranchers and meat business operators in the region. The workshop will provide an introduction to the basics and exploration of the nuances of the middle supply chain elements of a grassfed meat business: everything that happens from the moment of harvest until it leaves your hands as sellable product.

During the workshop, we will cover calculating yield during butchery and processing in depth, from live weight through cut-out decisions and how best to weigh your options in marketing various cuts. We will take a look at a few proprietary tools to work with to make the process simple. We will also discuss the integrity of your processor relationship, and review the soft skills, collaboration and creative ideas necessary to cultivating a successful raport. Lastly, we will briefly review inventory management tactics as well as touch on next steps for educating, savvy sales and pricing strategies as a preview for upcoming in-depth SWGLA courses to be taught on these topics in early 2020.

This course is geared towards producers and industry stakeholders wanting a general introduction to the meat supply chain in order to understand the various considerations for operating meat program. It is appropriate for beginner or experienced producers who want to develop or refine skills and knowledge, specifically those looking most to improve practices around yield tracking and processing realities.

AGA/HMI Social

Tues Nov 19    |    7 – 9pm    |    Casa Esencia

$10 in advance / $12 at the door    |   Registration Open

What better way to kick off the 2019 REGENERATE Conference than connecting and networking with the regenerative agriculture community at the American Grassfed Association and Holistic Management Social? Enjoy non-alcoholic drinks and delicious hors d’oeuvres (included in ticket price) at this opening reception hosted by the American Grassfed Association and Holistic Management International. A cash bar will also be available. Connect with old friends and make new ones in this intimate setting with multiple rooms to visit and network. The food and company will be extraordinary!

Tues, Nov 19   |    Wed, Nov 20   |    Thur, Nov 21     |    Fri, Nov 22

Wednesday, November 20

Snout to Tail Barbeque and Barn Dance

Wed Nov 20    |    6 – 8:30pm    |    Old Town Farm

$40 in advance / $50 at the door    |   Registration Open

This year, we will again join forces with the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance for a very special evening celebrating local and grassfed meats. The evening will offer slow cooked beef, pork, and lamb, as well as classic barbecue sides made from local produce served in the country atmosphere of the Old Town Farm, just blocks away from this year’s venue! We will feature local beer on tap and live music in the barn. Proceeds from the event will go towards a new SWGLA rancher-led webinar series focused on supporting grassfed producers.

Tues, Nov 19   |    Wed, Nov 20   |    Thur, Nov 21     |    Fri, Nov 22

Thursday, November 21

Career Connection: An Agricultural & Environmental Job Fair

Thurs Nov 21    |    5:30 – 6:30pm    |    Hotel Albuquerque

Free and open to the public!   |   Registration Open

Calling all beginner ranchers, farmers, and land managers seeking jobs and employers/mentors seeking to hire! Career Connection, an agricultural and environmental career fair, connects established producers and land managers with the next generation of land stewards who will grow our food and manage our working lands. Career Connection is hosted by the Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian Program, the Rio Grande Farmers Coalition, and the National Young Farmers Coalition. Employers and mentors include private ranches and farms, conservation groups, food advocacy organizations, government agencies, land-use service consultants, and related private-sector businesses. Job seekers include qualified, enthusiastic beginning ranchers, farmers, and land advocates in search of opportunity. At the event, employers and mentors will be stationed at tables, where details about their business, apprenticeship, job announcement, and other relevant information will be available. Job seekers then travel around the tables to learn about the opportunities available. Career Connection is free and open to all! Join in the fun, make new connections, and find new opportunities!

Employers/mentors who want to participate in Career Connection must register for a free table space. To register for a free table space, please email your job description to Arielle ( and Jill (

Health from the Soil Up

Thurs Nov 21    |    7 – 8:30pm    |    Hotel Albuquerque

$10 (free for conference attendees)   |   Registration Open


Evening keynote event. More information coming soon!
Tues, Nov 19   |    Wed, Nov 20   |    Thur, Nov 21     |    Fri, Nov 22

Friday, November 22

Keyline Design for Wetland Restoration

Friday Nov 22    |    8:30am – 12:30pm    |    Hotel Albuquerque

Free!    |     Registration Open

Building upon 17 years of successful riparian and wetland restoration in the Comanche Creek Watershed of Carson National Forest, the Quivira Coalition is currently using innovative techniques that incorporate Keyline Design principles with Natural Channel Design to treat 40 eroded and degraded acres in the Holman Creek drainage. This one-of-a-kind project offers the opportunity to innovate, test, document, and share both tested and new methods to spread water over large areas, in conjunction with those used previously in the watershed to stabilize degraded stream channels.

During the workshop, Bill Zeedyk, Jeffrey Adams, Jan-Willem Jansens, Mark Reineke, Emile Sawyer, Margie Tatro, and Comanche Creek project coordinator Mollie Walton will share lessons learned and summarize Keyline Design principles as applicable in general to restoration of headwater slope wetlands. Funding for this workshop is provided by the New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau, Wetlands Program.

Veterinary Homeopathy Workshop

Friday Nov 22    |    8:30am – 12:30pm    |    Hotel Albuquerque

$50 (free for conference attendees)   |   Registration Open


More information coming soon!

Profitable Regenerative Grazing: A full-day interactive working session to increase your ranching financial health

Friday Nov 22    |    8:30am – 4pm |    Hotel Albuquerque

$50   |   Registration Open

Take a deeper dive into your regenerative grazing enterprise with a full panel of experienced Holistic Management Certified Educators and practitioners to help you improve financial results. Get individualized help with your toughest financial challenges as HMI’s team leads interactive and small group sessions on: planning for profit, gross profit analysis, livestock production planning, innovative cost savings, income generation, and financially viable infrastructure to support regenerative grazing practices. Lunch included.

Click here for more information!

Getting to the Root of Quality Food Production

Friday Nov 22    |    1:30 – 4:30pm |    Hotel Albuquerque

$50   |   Registration Open

How do soil microbial synergies affect the above ground; both in quality and in species? How do soil microbes affect the quality and the types of plant species that germinate? Join Nicole Masters for this 3-hour workshop and do a deep dive into the soil microbiome, plant tissue testing and animal health! Learn how you can read and influence the microbial signals to produce top-quality nutrient dense foods.