2018 Speakers

Nicole Masters

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Nicole Masters, is an independent agroecologist, systems thinker and educator. She has a formal background in ecology, soil science and organizational learning. She has been providing agricultural consulting and extension services since 2003. Nicole is recognized as a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker on the topic of soil health.

Her team of soil coaches at Integrity Soils work alongside producers in the U.S., Canada and across Australasia. Supporting producers in taking their operations to the next level in nutrient density, profitability and environmental outcomes.
She is one of a growing number of people who are facilitating a rapidly expanding world of quality food production and biological economies.

Talking soil; the planetary gut system

Globally we are witnessing a shift away from the narrow, isolated view based on competition and extraction, towards a future founded on regeneration and connection. This paradigm shift is happening in every cutting-edge field of scientific endeavors including agriculture. The discoveries around the human gut micro-biome, and its essential role in human health, has opened doors of discovery into the soil micro-biome;  plant and animal health. Our soil gut systems around the planet are in trouble; does your soil have diarrhea, gas or are they constipated?
Our ability to create resilient regenerative ranches is based on a diverse and abundant soil microherd. How the microherd and plants communicate together offers management insights to those interested in reducing pests, weeds and disease whilst growing nutrient dense food for humans.
Nicole will share real-world case studies from diverse eco-types who are re-envisioning the future of beef production.

Sisters of the Soil Panel

Soil functions as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans, but understanding how it does this, and the impact our practices and consumer choices have on its ability to absorb water, grow food, feed us, and sequester carbon can be more complicated to understand. Join us for a conversation about the connections between agriculture, conservation, soil health, and gut health. Panelists are Christine Su, Nicole Masters, and Betsy Ross. This powerhouse panel of experts will discuss their work in science, ranching, medicine, technology, conservation, and much more.