2018 Speakers

Nathan Seward

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Nathan W. Seward is a Wildlife Conservation Biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife in Gunnison, Colorado. He holds a B.S. in Natural Resources from The Ohio State University (2000) and a M.S. in Conservation Biology from the University of Kentucky (2003). The majority of his work focuses on Gunnison sage-grouse conservation and habitat enhancement work on private and public lands in the Upper Gunnison Basin. He has been a member of The Wildlife Society since 1999, is a certified Associate Wildlife Biologist, and currently acts as the Treasurer for the Colorado Chapter of The Wildlife Society. When not building one rock dams or answering emails, he enjoys hunting, fly-fishing, and spending time with his wife, Kathleen, and their three children, Reilly, Rowan, and Drayden.

Good for the Bird, Good for the Herd

Building resilience for wildlife and ranching in the sagebrush sea

Across the West, a new paradigm for conserving at-risk species is taking root as local communities work toward a shared vision of building resilience for wildlife and working lands. Under the banner of the NRCS-led Sage Grouse Initiative, ranchers and partners are voluntarily implementing practices to protect and restore sagebrush rangelands and reduce the need for species regulation. One such example of this collaboration comes from the Gunnison Basin, Colorado, where a broad public-private partnership is applying simple restoration techniques pioneered by Bill Zeedyk to restore wet meadows and enhance resilience to drought. New science shows restored areas are 24% more productive and stay greener longer, boosting green groceries for wildlife and cattle. This panel with Jeremy Maestas will highlight successes from Gunnison and discuss transferability of this innovative effort to other working lands.