2018 Speakers

Kelly Sidoryk

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Kelly Sidoryk ranches with her family near Lloydminster, Sask./Alta. Over 25 years ago they were introduced to Holistic Resource Management (as it was known at the time). The process had a significant impact on their operation as it transitioned to be a forage based, livestock enterprise. She completed the degree program through HRM with a focus on the people side. In addition to running their family business, she has worked with many farm families as they work on transitioning to the next generation. She also teaches Holistic Management Whole/Farm Ranch Planning courses –including goal setting, financial planning, land planning, grazing planning, strategic planning and succession planning. She is a certified educator with Holistic Management International (HMI) and a HMI board member.

Effective Facilitation to Grow Regenerative Practices Roundtable

Do you want to share the power of Regenerative Agriculture with others? Would you like better teamwork and communication in your business or operation…or simply better relationships? 

This experiential workshop is for educators, managers, team leaders, and team or family members….basically anyone who has a relationship with another person!  Participants will take away effective facilitation practices and ideas by participating in interactive facilitation exercises. Help co-create the session by bringing your facilitation challenges to the workshop. Come ready to have fun, actively participate, and learn how to be more effective at spreading Regenerative Ag in your community!