2018 Speakers

Katie Forrest

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Katie is the Co-Founder of EPIC, a company specializing in creating nutrient dense meat based superfoods. EPIC is the first consumer packaged goods company to successfully scale a “nose to tail” approach to optimizing the use of the whole animal. Since inception EPIC has partnered with The Savory Institute to help spread awareness of holistic land management and worked actively to grow supply chains of regenerative protein. Katie drives marketing strategy, supply chain strategy, and brand design. Katie is also the CoFounder of Roam Ranch, a regenerative field experiment, in which livestock is used to replicate the patterns of native species. The ranch is operated in a holistic context that utilizes high intensity planned grazing methods with bison, chickens, turkeys, and pigs.

Plenary Panel

A conversation between the people behind Applegate, Natural Grocers, and Epic Bars.