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2018 Speakers

Greg Gunthorp

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Greg Gunthorp, along with his wife and three kids, own and operates a pasture based livestock operation in North East Indiana. Greg’s family has raised pigs on pasture for at least four generations. They have one of the largest pastured poultry operations in the country. Their operation includes an on-farm full USDA inspected slaughter and processing plant performing slaughter, processing, curing/smoking, rendered fats. They supply pasture raised antibiotic free pork, chicken, duck and turkey to some of the best restaurants in Chicago, Indianapolis, and surrounding region. He is a board member of the American Grassfed Association.

Check out this video about Greg’s work!

Meat and Poultry Processing

Greg Gunthorp and his family have a very small USDA inspected processing plant on their farm. They’ve been USDA inspected for about 14 years on the farm. They raise, process, and market pigs, chickens, ducks, and turkeys. Their primary customer base is upscale restaurants in the Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit region. He is going to discuss the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities in small scale processing. Greg is very knowledgable in navigating regulatory requirements for processing plants. They have a very unique waste treatment system, a constructed wetland, on their farm for their processing plant. There is a huge lack of processing availability to family farmer and ranchers in the US. He will discuss what can be done individually on our farms and in our processing plants as well as what we can do collectively to help alleviate these problems.

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Highlights from last year’s event.

We invite you to enjoy videos from our 2017 Conference here. The annual Quivira Conference is internationally renowned for bringing together leaders, innovators, and stewards of the land for three days of provocative plenary presentations, roundtable discussions, and networking with diverse attendees from across the southwest, the country, and globe. The conference creates a unique environment where ideas are sown, exchanged, and grown. Quivira’s outstanding speakers and attendees contribute expertise in ranching, farming, conservation, community, and all things soil, which is the key to it all. Every attendee brings something unique to the table, and each departs with inspiration, new connections, broader perspectives, and the tools necessary to effect change.

2017 Conference Speaker Videos

The Quivira Coalition documents its conference every year. We love to share the content of this event with those who were not able to join us in person. You can also view the 2017 videos, along with past years, on the Quivira You Tube page.

2017 filming by Crash Roll Films and editing by Downstream Media Maven.

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