2018 Speakers

Deborah Clark

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Deborah Clark and her husband, Emry Birdwell ranch outside of Henrietta, Texas. They moved to the ranch in 2004. Emry believed that using stockers was the most efficient and expedient way to restore the tall native grassland prairie. The ranch operates as one cell under planned grazing with a single herd of 5,000 or more steers. Improvement in all the ecosystem processes has been dramatic. Deborah and Emry consider the ranch to be a gift. Their obligation is to do all possible to improve, steward, and regenerate the land. Deborah is a Holistic Management Certified Educator. Her interest is to help others learn to manage their resources in a way that keeps the land, family, business, and community healthy and to foster an environment of support in the ranching community.

Big House, Big Herd, Big Tent

The Power of Holistic Management in Producing Results and Collaboration

The Big Herd of 5000 steers all grazing in one herd and moving multiple times a day grabs the attention of any who visit the Birdwell and Clark Ranch.  Yes, it is romantically reminiscent of the big herds of buffalo that once grazed this tall grass prairie in north central Texas and is an experience that never gets old. There is power in the Big Herd.  That power grows from a strong environmental, economic, and social foundation; one that’s taken decades to create, is resilient, ever changing, regenerative.  A foundation, a holistic goal, that produces results in improving rangeland conditions, offering economic opportunity, and building strong human relationships through collaboration.