Nina Listro

Carbon Ranch Initiative Project Manager


nina at quiviracoalition dot org
Ph. 508-221-8900

Nina grew up on a small farm in rural Vermont where her family raised a menagerie of animals from chickens to pigs to horses. As a teenager, Nina found her passion for small ruminants and began raising her own dairy goats for milk and cheese. She continued to follow her passion of further honing skills in livestock management and land stewardship through on-farm apprenticeships while earning a degree in Journalism from the University of Rochester in Upstate New York. Upon graduation, Nina ventured out west to California where she spent multiple years working on her friends’ grass-fed goat and sheep dairy and teaching environmental science in Yosemite National Park. She is excited to bring her combined background in communication, education, and hands-on agricultural experience to her position as Carbon Ranch Initiative Project Manager. When not working on all things Quivira-related, you can find Nina tending to her farm in the San Pedro Mountains of New Mexico or off skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, & rock climbing with her two pups in tow.