Amy Larsen



Carbon Ranch Initiative Planner/Manager


Contact Amy:

amy at quiviracoalition dot org

Amy Larsen was raised in Taos, New Mexico and has lived near both coasts — Massachusetts for school and Oregon for work. In 2011, Amy returned to northern NM where she and her family now tend a homestead with goats, chickens and parakeets, guard dogs, a small orchard, a garden, and a huge compost pile. Geology is the foundation of Amy’s background in soils, complemented by training in landscape planning and design; commercial compost, compost tea and vermicompost production; and chemical and biological field and laboratory analyses. Composting led Amy to explore the intricate world of microbes, and ultimately to the question of how we think about soil health in arid environments.  With the Carbon Ranch Initiative at Quivira, Amy contributes to program management, workshop facilitation, soil monitoring, and whole ranch planning. Amy hopes to better understand the diversity of soils across NM, as well as how we tend the land equitably, with consideration for future generations. When not looking down at the ground, Amy might be gazing up at the stars or galaxies, while serving on the board of a local astronomy club. Inspired by both her mother and grandmother’s passion for education, Amy served as Board Chair of a local public charter school for several years, and strives to be a lifelong educator and learner.