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Nick Eddy, APPRENTICE, Round River Resource Management, CO

May 2022

Agriculture has captured my interest for about as long as I can remember. I believe my interest in agriculture began early in my life. I do not have a family background in farming, but it has always been appealing to me and I have found that it provides a meaningful challenge. Living in the country most of my life, I admired the various types of farms I would see in rural Michigan and especially enjoyed seeing cattle and sheep in pastures or in the barns at the fair. I enjoyed experimenting with growing gardens. In addition to my interest in agriculture, I always had opportunities as a young person to observe the natural world and developed an interest in wildlife and ecology in the Northern Michigan forests. I did not try to go straight to working on a cattle ranch once I started considering jobs and collage, but I think it was always the eventual goal to get there. I did a couple of  apprenticeships on organic CSA (community supported agriculture) and market garden farms. While these opportunities were great stepping stones and very interesting in their own right, after a couple of years I decided to pivot and focus on livestock – the agricultural sector that allured me the most. I then attended collage for livestock management. Following that I spent a couple of years in Oklahoma working on a grass-fed sheep operation. 

Through my apprenticeship here at Round River Resource Management in Colorado I am getting a good introduction to regenerative agriculture in practice. Primarily, I hope to gain a better understanding of how to facilitate a complimentary relationship between livestock production and ecological and environmental prosperity. In addition, I hope to improve technical skills such as stockmanship and planned grazing that will be useful for my career ahead. Im looking forward to this season and the unique opportunities the New Agrarian Program offers for learning from industry leaders and networking with the regenerative agriculture community. 

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