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Mimi Rebein, APPRENTICE, Charter Ranch, Montana

May 2022

I’ve always known I wanted to work with animals, in some capacity. Growing up, my family and I would visit my grandparents on their ranch in western Kansas and I remember never wanting to leave, mainly because of the pack of dogs that were always down to play. However, coming from the suburbs, ranching never seemed a viable career or life path so I didn’t give it much thought beyond those visits. After graduating college, I worked a season as a wrangler on a working guest ranch and that is when I found out about the world of regenerative agriculture. I am fascinated by the vast potential of regenerative practices and all the ways these practices vary from place to place. The thought of being able to work outside, alongside the livestock and wildlife, while also helping heal the soil seemed pretty ideal. I was lucky enough to land a job working with Belted Galloway cattle for two years in midcoast Maine at a nonprofit farm. The focus on that farm was on producing high-quality genetics, showing cattle, and community engagement. There, I solidified my love for cattle and working landscapes, and realized the immense importance of community. 

I hope to gain an understanding  of what it takes to run cattle in different environments, both landscape/weather wise and market wise. Commodity markets and the financial side of ranch operations are very complex topics that I wish to begin to understand. Something I didn’t realize I wanted to learn is how to work with and train stock dogs, as I have quickly seen how big of a help they are to have around. Additionally, I hope to better my horsemanship skills, generally and when working cattle. Steve Charter is an incredible horseman and approaches working with them with endless patience. If I am able to gain even just 1% of the patience and understanding he has when working with horses, that’ll be a success. 

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