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Morgan Gilbert, APPRENTICE, Knott Land and Livestock, Colorado

May 2022

When I went to college to study engineering, my only experiences with agriculture had been the times I visited my uncle’s farm in Oregon. At this point I had never considered agriculture as a career path. This quickly changed when I took an elective class about animal agriculture, and it set me on the path that got me here. 

After that first class I added a minor to my degree focusing on beef production and rangeland science, where I first learned about regenerative agriculture. I also joined the Steer-a-Year club, in which students raised a group of calves from weaning to market. Although I graduated in engineering, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in animal agriculture, which is when I found the Quivira Coalition. 

Through my apprenticeship I hope to begin developing the experience and skills to successfully work in the ranching industry. Through my previous jobs and workshops I’ve had some experience and exposure to many of the hard skills like riding, roping, and doctoring, stockmanship, and working on facilities and equipment, but I haven’t had the chance to put it all together in a working environment. I also want to learn how to apply everything I learned in my animal and rangeland science courses, and learn about the big picture of regenerative agriculture so that I can apply it in my future work or eventually on a ranch of my own.

I’ve been on the ranch for a month now, and I’m constantly impressed by my mentor’s scope of knowledge and understanding of the whole system and all its interactions. Every day I learn something new, but I also learn there’s even more I have yet to learn, and I think the never ending opportunities to learn and grow are just as exciting.

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