Emily Brown on the Joys and Challenges of Returning to a Family Farm

Emily certainly didn’t see herself coming back to her family potato and barley farm in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, but a husband, child, and global pandemic later, she finds herself learning how to farm from her parents, participating in succession conversations, and becoming an advocate within the ag community. In this episode of Regeneration Rising, host Taylor Muglia talks with Emily Brown about her fascinating story.

Find out more about Emily’s work with Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and Annie’s Project.

Music attribution:
Wanderlust by Scott Buckley


1:20 Taylor introduces and welcomes today’s guest Emily Brown
2:45 Emily talks about growing up and working on a multi-generational farm in the San Juan Valley
8:35 Emily talks about her degrees (a bachelors in communication and a masters in public health) and her career after college
14:20 How was it moving home with your family to farm and ranch?
21:30 Some of the management practices Emily tries to use on the farm
29:38 Emily talks about succession planning and taking over from her parents
45:00 Women in farming and ranching
49:45 Emily’s work at Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

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