Katie McInnes on Growing a Diversified Farm from Scratch

In this month’s episode of Regeneration Rising, host Taylor Muglia speaks with Katie McInnes, Co-owner and Operator of The Dogs Run Farm near Clearwater, Manitoba, Canada. Katie talks about her journey from acting into farming and how community relationships and a bit of luck led her and her now husband Colin to securing land for farming. Katie also talks about what their farm looks like today, how they plan to grow, and how she integrates the farm with motherhood and mentorship through the Young Agrarians apprenticeship program.

Music attribution:
A Folk Story by Alex Cristoforetti

Photo by Emily Christie


1:15 upcoming Meat Business Fundamentals webinar
2:53 intro and background to Katie, co-owner of The Dogs Run Farm
6:15 experience in film and theatre production
8:28 how Katie got started in farming
12:30 how the farm has evolved
15:18 process of buying land
19:07 importance of building community during the land buying process
20:29 what the farm produces and available markets
22:22 seasonality of production
23:40 how processing works
29:18 strengths and weaknesses of the operation
33:37 how access to water impacts operations
34:51 environment of Manitoba
38:40 Young Agrarians apprenticeship program
41:00 what surprises her the most about mentorship
43:05 the design process for the Young Agrarians program
45:12 being a mom and farming
48:19 one soft skill apprentices should have
50:15 visions for the future of the farm
51:45 advice to her younger self
52:52 ways to connect: Instagram
53:20 open application period for Young Agrarians program

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