Terrance Boyd on Food Sovereignty and Finding His Place in a Rural Community

On this episode of Regeneration Rising, our guest is Terrance Boyd, owner of Wild Boyd Farm in Matheson, Colorado. Terrance talks about his deep interest in being an active agent in his own food production, his journey into homesteading, and how he has turned the homestead into a ranch business that serves a variety of meat sales channels due to high demand for locally-raised meat in the Denver area. Terrance also talks about the complex cultural differences between rural/urban communities and challenges of equitable and affordable local food access.

Music attribution:
Wanderlust by Scott Buckley


4:05 Intro to Terrance, Founder of Wild Boyd Farm
4:44 Terrance’s background growing up in the city of Denver
6:06 Journey into first time home ownership during economic downturn
6:55 Describing the property and transitioning from a homestead to a farm
10:48 What resources did Terrance use to get started
11:13 How Terrance’s college experience impacted where he is now
13:17 Importance of having a support system
16:29 How did Terrance start out with purchasing livestock
20:06 Development of a mentor relationship
25:48 What does the farm look like today
27:11 Using partnerships with other farmers to expand
29:22 What’s next for Wild Boyd Farm: goals for the next part of the journey
32:16 Products Wild Boyd Farm offers now
39:53 Looking at healthy food as a necessity instead of a luxury
40:46 Moving from the city to starting a farm in a small town community
45:27 Land inequity in Colorado for Black communities
53:40 Advice to young people starting in agriculture today

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