Pork Rhyne on Profitable Farming Without the Hogwash

The New Agrarian Program’s Taylor Muglia sits down with Pork Rhyne “The Pork Evangelist” to talk about his career path as a young farmer and transition into public speaking and consulting, as well as lessons he’s learned from helping clients build profitable livestock enterprises. You can follow Pork Rhyne by visiting the youtube channel Agro Educators International, or visiting their website.

Photo Credit: Pork Rhyne

Music attribution:
Wanderlust by Scott Buckley


00:48 Taylor introduces Pork Rhyne
1:50 Pork Rhyne talks about his background and how he came to agriculture
14:10 The story of the name Pork Rhyne and how his consulting business evolved
26:10 What are some of the biggest misconceptions about small scale diversified farming?
38:50 How do you go about advising people to get into food processing?
45:00 Experiences with successful small and medium scale farms
54:20 Last question – Pork Rhine, what is next for you?


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