Ryan White on the Complexities of New Agrarianism


In this conversation, New Agrarian Program’s Taylor Muglia has a powerful conversation with Ryan White, CEO and Founder of SnapLands LLC. Ryan talks about his winding road into agriculture, which is rooted deeply in his appreciation for nature which he has carried since childhood. Ryan discusses difficult career decisions he’s faced in the industry of regenerative land management, expands upon “earning his meal ticket”, and shares a few impactful pieces of advice for folks entering an industry that struggles to provide work/life balance, financial stability, mental health support, and amenities available to our counterparts outside of agriculture.

Music attribution:
Wanderlust by Scott Buckley


2:10 Ryan talking about his background and his journey to finding a career that has to do with life and the beauty of it.
10:27 He talks about how he caught the “Prairie Fever” and what made him want to start restoring prairie at a large scale.
13:51 What is Snaplands and what does Snaplands do?
35:00 The struggles of being a New Agrarian. Community, Finances, Stewardship, and all the struggles in Agriculture.
47:58 Thank you Ryan for joining us


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