Michelle Hughes on Becoming a Force for Change


Quivira Coalition’s Taylor Muglia sits down with Michelle Hughes, the Operations and Impact Director at National Young Farmers Coalition. Michelle speaks about her background in farming and livestock production and how she transitioned to advocacy work, then became staff at NYFC. She talks about the challenges and successes of weaving racial equity into an agricultural organization, and how accountability must be a part of that system. Michelle also speaks about her experience on the Equity Commission at USDA and how each young farmer can find their voice.

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Music attribution:
Wanderlust by Scott Buckley


2:02 – Michelle talking about her background.
4:06 – Michelle’s work on the Farm Bill. Her transition from a farmer to an advocate.
10:03 – Michelle’s experience with addressing social inequity in National Young Farmers Coalition.
17:14 – What does being the Operations and Impact Director at National Young Farmers Coalition look like?
18:58 – She also serves at the Equity Commission with the USDA and talks about her goals in her role there.
22:02 – Which particular policies are you excited about?
26:28 – What is one misconception young agrarians might have about ag policy? And how can they get involved?
28:51 – Outro. Thank you Michelle!


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