Technical Service Provision

Quivira is building Technical Service capacity for New Mexico farmers and ranchers! 


Are you a producer who is interested building soil health?
Are you interested in accessing state Healthy Soil Program or NRCS funding?
Are you interested in planning for succession or growth of your operation?


The Carbon Ranch Initiative is developing ways to support farmers and ranchers. We are working to offer grant writing assistance, help with soil assessment, and the creation of farm and ranch plans. If you are interested in support with grants or soil assessment, please reach out to CRI Director, Eva Stricker as she is working to develop these programs and let her know your needs and interests. We are gauging interest in setting up sliding scale, fee-for-service services.


We have grant money to help create eight farm and ranch plans in 2021. For best consideration, apply by February 1, 2021. Having a ranch or farm plan can help you prioritize management, access funding, and reach your goals. Application below.

Apply for a free Farm/Ranch Plan!


If your New Mexico-based operation has soil health as a goal, we hope you will apply for a farm/ranch plan! Apply below.


We are currently partners on a grant with Mad Agriculture that will fund eight ranch plans to help farmers and ranchers improve soil health.  If you are in Colorado, check out Mad Agriculture Farm Planning. Other states, let us know you are interested and we’ll see how we can help.

Applications will be prioritized based on need for support, participation from Historically Underserved Farmers and Ranchers, and fit with the program’s goals.  This project is prioritized to support individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Identify as of Latinx, Chicanx, Hispanic, Tribal, Black/African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, or mixed ethnicity.
  • Obtained veteran status
  • Have annual income at or below poverty level ($26,200 for a family of four)
  • Identify as women or LGBTQ+

Qualified applicants from any background with strong applications will also be considered. The Quivira Coalition is strongly committed to supporting all ranchers and farmers who are practicing or wish to practice regenerative agriculture, which we define as agriculture that promotes soil, livestock, wildlife, ecosystem, and economic health.

Please contact Eva at eva [at] with questions.

Ranch/Farm Plan Application

Are you a producer who is interested in accessing state Healthy Soil Program or USDA funds? Did you know that having a farm or ranch plan is often a condition of funding, or a required outcome? There are many folks in the state who can help you already (feel free to reach out and we can help you connect), and Quivira is adding Technical Service capacity to conduct farm and ranch planning, specifically focused on building and storing soil carbon on working lands. We are looking for folks in NM interested in this service so feel free to reach out.
  • Contact Information

  • Must be in New Mexico
  • Historically Underserved Farmers and Ranchers

    Historically Underserved Farmers and Ranchers (
  • All answers are optional but this project is prioritized to support individuals who identify as or meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Operation and goals

  • For example, this may include size, crops/livestock, management strategy, etc.
  • This could include ecological, economic, and social goals.
  • This could be at the neighborhood, watershed, state, or national level.