Technical Service Provision

Quivira HAS Technical Service capacity for New Mexico farmers and ranchers! 


Are you a producer who is interested building soil health?
Are you interested in accessing state Healthy Soil Program or NRCS funding?
Are you interested in planning for succession or growth of your operation?


The Carbon Ranch Initiative is developing ways to support farmers and ranchers. We are working to offer grant writing assistance, help with soil assessment, and the creation of farm and ranch plans. If you are interested in support with grants or soil assessment, please reach out to CRI Director, Eva Stricker as she is working to develop these programs and let her know your needs and interests. We are gauging interest in setting up sliding scale, fee-for-service services.

Grant Writing Assistance

Eva Stricker, the Director of the Carbon Ranch Initiative, in partnership with the New Mexico Coalition to Enhance Working Lands, taught a workshop to provide tips to navigate applications for government grants. This workshop is geared towards eligible entities (non-profits, Tribal entities, etc.) who are applying for government grants. While producers may find some of this information helpful, it is generally not geared towards individual grant-writers. Our goal as to share some strategies that we have found and to help others feel supported and be successful in navigating what can be an intimidating task.

Topics include:

~ Reading an RFP (request for proposal) ~ How to connect with grant officer ~ Timing of activities ~ Communicating with partners ~ Budgeting ~ Strategies to find “match” funding

Accompanying slide show can be found here.

We Are Accepting Applications for Ranch Plans!

Having a ranch plan can help you prioritize management, access funding, and reach your goals. If your needs match our capabilities, we’ll work to set up a sliding-scale, fee-for-service contract with you. Application below.


What is in the ranch plan? 

Ranch managers will collaborate with Quivira’s Carbon Ranch Initiative planning team to create comprehensive, long-term, whole-ranch plans based on soil health best practices, economic objectives, and ranch values. Our team will introduce you to scientifically informed and ranch-specific soil health management protocols and practices. In addition, we will work with you throughout the planning process, providing technical assistance on grazing plans, enterprise analysis, and soil health assessments. We understand that the cost of implementing new practices can be prohibitive and that having a plan is often a prerequisite for receiving federal or state assistance. Most importantly, the plan and our technical service will connect you with local, state-wide, and national resources to help you achieve your goals.


What is soil health?

The NRCS defines soil health as the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. Healthy soil serves important functions such as regulating water, filtering pollutants, sustaining plant and animal life, cycling nutrients, and providing stability and structure. Ranch plans developed with our assistance employ soil health principles defined by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and New Mexico Department of Agriculture:

    1. Minimize soil disturbance 
    2. Maintain year-round living roots 
    3. Maintain soil cover (i.e. minimize bare ground) 
    4. Increase biodiversity with plant diversity 
    5. Integrate livestock


How can a plan help you? 

The planning process guides you in clarifying, evaluating, and prioritizing your short-term and long-term goals into actionable next steps. The plan itself provides detailed documentation and assessment of your current resources and serves as a tool to measure your progress toward meeting those goals. Our team intends for these plans to be living documents that you can continue to develop and adapt to fit your changing circumstances or needs. Built into each plan are opportunities to:


    1. Combine your knowledge and expertise with that of our planning team to build healthy soil that sustains plant, animal, and human livelihoods.
    2. Improve your current relationship with federal agencies by demonstrating clear management objectives and connect with other specialists and partners through Quivira’s networks.
    3. Connect you with cost share programs and other funding opportunities to help you implement conservation practices.
    4. Create a drought management plan to improve financial resilience long-term and reduce decision-making stress during times of climatic uncertainty.

Apply for a Ranch Plan!

If your New Mexico-based operation has soil health as a goal, we hope you will apply for a ranch plan!

Apply below.

To apply, please complete the form below. You are also welcome to apply by calling planner Katherine Ottmers at ‪(505) 393-5146‬. Please direct any questions or comments on the application evaluation process or any questions about the program or feedback to

Ranch Plan Application

  • Contact Information

  • Must be in New Mexico
  • Historically Underserved Ranchers

    Historically Underserved Ranchers (
  • The questions below will help the program continue to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at Quivira Coalition. These questions are optional: you are not required to enter a response. We are still learning and working on a best-practice for capturing demographic data. If you have suggestions or resources you would like to share, please email us at
  • Operation and goals

  • For example, this may include size, livestock, management strategy, etc.
  • This could include ecological, economic, and social goals.
  • This could be at the neighborhood, watershed, state, or national level.