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Kris Mauro, APPRENTICE, Hay Creek Ranch, Colorado

May 2022

My interest in agriculture grew out of making a living in the restaurant industry. From a love of good food and good company.  I started to find my niche and excitement in restaurants focusing on locally sourced, seasonal menus. Simultaneously as this good food awakening was happening, I was living and keeping the grounds of a property that kept retired show horses, just outside of the city. “All the world’s problems can be solved with a garden”. (Geoff Lawton) While it was a long way away from solving all the problems, my living arrangement gave me a garden, and was a helpful physical grounding component to my food environment. This connection to a part of the local food system was the catalyst for the self discovery of various production models and ultimately, led to the pursuit and interest of regenerative agriculture.

I hope to gain a practical and material understanding of the conditions for healthy living soils and water cycling systems. How these biological conditions can affect perennial plant pastures and their ecosystem. To be exposed to techniques and management practices one can implement to increase fertility and biological diversity. To understand stockmanship, and the way it can influence grazing patterns and contribute to animal and land health. How to market and develop outreach opportunities for a regenerative future and a working healthy food system that contributes to the local, cultural community of producers and consumers. I also look forward to meeting, connecting, and creating communications with a community of ranchers and future land stewards. 

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