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Chelsey Moe, APPRENTICE, B Bar Ranch, Montana

May 2022

My experience in agriculture began at a young age on our farm in western North Dakota. Our land was homesteaded in 1919 with my dad taking over in 1963. My arrival into the world meant that I would catch the tail end of these experiences as my dad retired from farming just before I entered my formative teenage years. However, I still have fond memories of riding with my dad in the combine for hours on end at harvest time, making the endless trips to the local grain elevator or racing down the gravel road on my bike just to deliver his coffee and lunch as he spent days in the field. 

After high school, I chose to make use of my summers throughout college by traveling across the west and working seasonally on dude ranches. These experiences fostered my love and appreciation of the land as I spent many hours on horseback, oftentimes teaching my guest riders about each and every wildflower, which berries were safe to eat, how the animals interacted with the land and how aspen tree bark could be used as sunscreen, to name a few. I knew I wanted a life in which I could help preserve these lands and see them thrive.

My connection to the land and the plants and animals that inhabit it has been in my soul for as long as I can remember. It has taken me many years to start to see this path forming, but it has become increasingly apparent that my place is in the world of agriculture, in some shape or form. I can only imagine that this apprenticeship is further guiding me as to what “place” that is. I have only  just “scratched the surface” in terms of figuring out my life’s purpose. Maybe the point of this apprenticeship isn’t so much about finding my “purpose”, but to build on community and create meaningful and lasting friendships. I can report that even after just one month at B Bar, I have felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people I have met as they have created a safe place for me to be myself as a whole.

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