Cattle grazing, community building, and ecosystem restoration

Ariel Greenwood and Guido Frosini are first-generation ranchers in northern California. They recently organized the first annual Transhumance Festival (the next one is in May of 2019), which brought sheep to the streets, and celebrated the “culture” in “agriculture.”
In this program they talk about the ways in which good grazing practices can restore biodiversity to grasslands, and the importance of cultivating understanding between urban and rural people in order to support genuinely regenerative agriculture and ranching.

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Episode 44 – A regenerative farmer in Kenya

Episode 44 – A regenerative farmer in Kenya

Industrial agriculture looks like it’s alive, but often the soil is dead, animals are living in excruciating conditions, and the food looks good but is not as nutritious as food grown from living soils in humane circumstances.

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