Jordan and Toni Sarazen on Life as Mobile Goat Graziers

This week on Regeneration Rising, Taylor interviews Jordan and Toni Sarazen, owners and operators of Goat Bros LLC, a mobile goat grazing business near Denver, Colorado. We discuss the huge life transition Jordan and Toni made from being financial advisors to living in a 5th wheel trailer custom grazing a goat herd up and down the front range, all caused by an idea Jordan saw on a tv show! They share tips about sound financial management for their small business, the importance of support to avoid burnout, and how they weather the ups and downs of goat grazing as a couple.

Music attribution:
A Folk Story by Alex Cristoforetti


1:15 New Agrarian Program announcements
2:17 introduction to guests
3:25 Jordan and Toni’s background
11:09 structure and goals of the business
17:40 home base situation
20:18 how they maintain their herd size
24:09 kidding timeline
27:33 managing farm finances
34:22 monthly budgets
37:10 how weather impacts the business
39:21 lifestyle changes
44:56 pressure, stress, burnout, and community
50:28 what they’re excited about for the future
53:08 rapid fire wrap-up questions


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