Donne Gonzales on Farming for Healing

Formally, you might know Donne Gonzales as the Los Sembradores Farm Trainer & Youth Education Coordinator at the New Mexico Acequia Association, but it’s impossible to parse out where her personal passions end and her professional work begins. In this episode, Donne teaches about the magic of acequias, her work teaching farming skills (however big or small a garden might be) and preserving the traditions of her community for future generations. If you need a heaping dose of farming motivation, give this episode a listen!

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Show Notes:

2:13– Introduction, Donne tells us where she lives and comes from:
2:44– Donne tells us her story, coming back home, deep traditional roots
7:10– Plants, community, culture of Chamisal, NM
14:28– What is an acequia?
19:20– History of the acequia
24:50– Farmer training through New Mexico Acequia Association- Los Sembradores program
32:17– Integrating farming into everyday life
39:02– Multi-generational food, traditions, customs, “home-grown goodness”
45:19- What excites you about the future?
50:34- Outro, contact for New Mexico Acequia Association
51:07– Job announcements: Edible NM/The Bite- Associate & Digital Editors, Practical Farmers of Iowa, Lightroot Community Farm

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