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Incentivizing healthy soils through sensible policy

Healthy soil is a win-win for everyone, but converting from conventional to regenerative agriculture is a process that needs to be incentivized. Land Core is an organization that’s doing just that. Their mission is to advance soil health policies and programs that create value for farmers, businesses and communities. We talk to founders Aria McLauchlan and Harley Cross.

Show Notes

0’28 how did Land Core get started
3’04 how have soils gotten so unhealthy and what are the costs
6’30 60 years of topsoil left
8’19 what are the incentives to build healthier soils now, how could they be better
12’19 what is the NRCS
14’30 healthy soil mitigates against soil and drought both
15’46 crop insurance … food lost and farms destroyed
17’00 roots of industrial agriculture
19’20 healthy soil and carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation
22’49 how does regenerative agriculture challenge unhealthy and inhumane animal agriculture
26’34 animal-crop integration
29’05 breaking away from the idea of giving specific practices to farmers
29’20 incentivizing farmers’ creativity and ingenuity
30’18 taking soil improvement to a large scale
32’39 soil health and risk mitigation
33’00 how much of our land is regenerative, organic, conventional
33’59 what are farmers asking for
34’53 incentives preferable to regulation
36’09 are politicians understanding all this
37’13 is anyone pushing back
38’21 bi-partisan potential of soil health issues
38’58 soil health leasing programs
40’32 risk assessment and soil health
44’10 relationship between healthy soil and rural communities
46’15 investing in communities
47’25 how can people get involved

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