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Employment Law Basics with Farm Commons

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Farm employment law feels intimidating but with just a few key rules and operating principles, the farm or ranch business can navigate this potential minefield with confidence. This webinar will teach the fundamentals of farm employment law including classifying workers and the obligations of every farm employer. Folks will learn where they need to learn more and where they can sit back with confidence, no matter where they are in their farming journey. Led by staff from Farm Commons.

Mentor Training Call Series #3 – Effective Interviews

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Mentor Training Call #3: Effective Interviews What interview questions will reveal the skill level, motivation and aptitude of an applicant? What questions can’t be asked, for legal reasons? How do you find out what you most need to know? And how do you evaluate interviewees? We’ll discuss both phone/video and on-site interviews, which are recommended […]

Working with Fire and Flood Impacted Communities: Effective Responses and Resources to Meet Future Challenges

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After the Flames webinar After a season of major fires and flooding, communities across New Mexico need support in rebuilding- structures, soils, waterways, and more. While there are many resources out there, navigating the systems to access that support can feel nearly impossible. The New Mexico Coalition to Enhance Working Lands (NMCEWL) has partnered with […]

Mentor Training Call Series #4 – Setting Expectations

Mentor Training Call #4: Setting Expectations You’ve chosen your apprentice and are preparing for their arrival. How do you set clear expectations of job responsibilities, days off, work schedules, team meetings, and your workplace culture? Writing an apprenticeship agreement, creating a skills list, and setting clear boundaries at the beginning can support a successful apprenticeship. […]

Mentor Training Call Series #5 – Balancing Work and Education

Mentor Training Call #5: Balancing Work and Education How do you structure the workday, week, and month so that priorities are established, and both work and education happen? Strategies shared include weekly planning meetings, how to find those ‘teachable moments’ during a workday, and ways to do up-front training to get your apprentice going and […]

Mentor Training Call Series #6 – Mentoring to Develop a Self-Starting Apprentice

Mentor Training Call #6: Mentoring to Develop a Self-Starting Apprentice A great mentor-apprentice experience depends on both parties co-creating relevant goals that take advantage of the built-in learning at your operation, and identifying ways your apprentice can engage in solo study, find local resource people to learn from, and visit other operations. Skill sheets are […]

Mentor Training Call Series #7 – Feedback

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Mentor Training Call #7: Feedback Tips on giving constructive, actionable feedback that catalyzes learning and motivation; and how to get the feedback you need to mentor effectively. We offer a variety of tried and true methods and tips to generate objective, honest, and open conversations in scheduled and impromptu feedback sessions. This call will be […]