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Biochar and Soil Health in New Mexico

Are you interested in how biochar can work as a soil amendment in New Mexico? Through her work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sanna Sevanto is conducting research on the impact of compost and biochar on plant growth. In addition to seeing the way the research is playing out in a controlled greenhouse setting, we'll […]

Land Leasing Basics Webinar with Farm Commons

Quivira Coalition's New Agrarian Program (NAP) and Farm Commons present: Land Leasing Basics. This webinar is geared toward NAP alumni, but is open to all. Leasing farmland is so commonplace that landowners, farmers, and ranchers may not think twice about the lease itself… until things go wrong. Prevent problems with a strong lease while building […]

Erosion Control and Soil Amendments at Tedford Farm

Come learn about learn about the impact of erosion control structures and soil amendments! Across the intermountain west, interest has been growing in using organic amendments and native seeding with erosion control structures to increase plant establishment and productivity while ameliorating active head cuts. The Carbon Ranch Initiative has built rock rundowns on five ranches […]

Mentor Training Call Series #1 – You and Your Operation as Mentor

Mentor Training Call #1: You and Your Operation as Mentor ​ Mentoring is different from being an employer in several essential ways. Some mentoring skills are natural for each of us while others will be a stretch; determining your incoming strengths and stretches helps you know what sort of apprentice will work for you. Creating […]

Vermicomposting in Taos

Come learn about vermicomposting and the importance of managing household waste with the Quivira Coalition, Amigos Bravos, and Alianza Agri-Cultura! Worm composting, or vermicomposting, uses the red wiggler worm to process feedstocks into compost and can be scaled from food scraps in an apartment to a larger, multi-family system. In this workshop, you will learn […]

Weaver Ranch Field Day – Reversing the Dust Bowl

Attend a field day! Join us on Thursday September 29th to visit Weaver Ranch in Causey, NM. Learn about efforts to bring prairie life back to abandoned, blown out fields. We’ll learn about monitoring and evaluation techniques for soil health, organic amendments as a tool to build soil health, and hear from biologists and researchers […]

Fire Recovery Work Day with Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance

Are you longing for a Quivira work weekend? Missing moving some rocks and getting your hands dirty with other land lovers? ​Registration is now closed. This event is a volunteer work day to support the Hermit's Peak Watershed Alliance complete critical fire recovery erosion control work in the Gallinas Watershed. This summer, New Mexico experienced […]

La Madera Soil Health Workshop

Join us in Northern New Mexico to learn about soil health. Registration is now closed!! This workshop is for farmers and ranchers who want to learn about soil health principles and the chemical, biological and physical characteristics of soil. The day will be spent outside focused on discussions and field demonstrations to learn about soil […]

Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute: Erosion Control and Land Health Workshop

Erosion Control, Land Health and Indigenous History in New Mexico *REGISTRATION CLOSED* Join us for 1.5 days of learning out on the land in beautiful Cuba, NM. We’ll do a land walk to observe the ecosystem, look for signs of degradation and land health, and learn the small and big things we can do to […]

New Agrarian Program 101 Call

Learn about the New Agrarian Program! NAP 101 is an interactive opportunity to learn more about the New Agrarian Program, hear descriptions of our 2023 mentor sites, and get a few tips on applying to the program. Although this call will be recorded and posted to our website, attending the live call gives applicants the […]

Fall Red Canyon Reserve Land Health and Biochar Workshop

It’s time for our Fall Land Health Workshop Weekend at Red Canyon Reserve! This fall, we have three components to our workshop weekend: a hands-on biochar production session (weather permitting), a tour of the restoration work that Red Canyon volunteers have been conducting for years, and we’ll get our hands dirty giving the Reserve’s wildlife […]

Soil Health, Organic Amendments, and Community Discussion

Join us in Northeastern New Mexico! Regenerative agriculture is meant to build health and well-being while feeding people. At Quivira’s Carbon Ranch Initiative, we use the Healthy Soil Principles and the idea of a circular economy (using waste productively) to move the needle towards regenerative management. In this workshop, participants will learn about the carbon, […]

Lowry Ranch Field Day – SOLD OUT!

This field day is sold out! When challenges like drought hit here in Colorado, a rancher might feel the weight of the world on their shoulders in making the next best decision. Nick Trainor, rancher and lessee of Colorado State Land Board’s Lowry Ranch knows this feeling all too well, but luckily he can utilize […]

NAP 101 Call

Learn about the New Agrarian Program! NAP 101 is an interactive opportunity to learn more about the New Agrarian Program, hear descriptions of our 2023 mentor sites, and get a few tips on applying to the program. Although this call will be recorded and posted to our website, attending the live call gives applicants the […]

Mentor Training Call #2 – Evaluating Written Applications

Mentor Training Call #2: Evaluating Written Applications How do you sort through written applications? We will share strategies for tackling the pile of applications, share evaluation templates, and sample email responses to applicants who you would like to interview and those you will decline. This workshop is part 2 of a seven-call series on mentoring […]

Employment Law Basics with Farm Commons

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Farm employment law feels intimidating but with just a few key rules and operating principles, the farm or ranch business can navigate this potential minefield with confidence. This webinar will teach the fundamentals of farm employment law including classifying workers and the obligations of every farm employer. Folks will learn where they need to learn more and where they can sit back with confidence, no matter where they are in their farming journey. Led by staff from Farm Commons.

Mentor Training Call Series #3 – Effective Interviews

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Mentor Training Call #3: Effective Interviews What interview questions will reveal the skill level, motivation and aptitude of an applicant? What questions can’t be asked, for legal reasons? How do you find out what you most need to know? And how do you evaluate interviewees? We’ll discuss both phone/video and on-site interviews, which are recommended […]

Working with Fire and Flood Impacted Communities: Effective Responses and Resources to Meet Future Challenges

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After the Flames webinar After a season of major fires and flooding, communities across New Mexico need support in rebuilding- structures, soils, waterways, and more. While there are many resources out there, navigating the systems to access that support can feel nearly impossible. The New Mexico Coalition to Enhance Working Lands (NMCEWL) has partnered with […]

Mentor Training Call Series #4 – Setting Expectations

Mentor Training Call #4: Setting Expectations You’ve chosen your apprentice and are preparing for their arrival. How do you set clear expectations of job responsibilities, days off, work schedules, team meetings, and your workplace culture? Writing an apprenticeship agreement, creating a skills list, and setting clear boundaries at the beginning can support a successful apprenticeship. […]