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Emma Diaz, APPRENTICE, Chauvet Cattle Company, MT

May 2021

I’ve dreamed about being a cowgirl since I was 13 years old. Really, who doesn’t dream of riding off into the sunset and sleeping out under the stars at some point in their life? Working as a horse wrangler throughout my summers in college solidified my love for all things horses and western, but it wasn’t until I graduated that I really started thinking seriously about one day having my own land and livestock. A big reason is because I began spending a lot of time at a farrier friend’s farm, helping him care for his animals and land. Because of his generosity, hospitality, joy and patience I realized how truly beautiful a gift it’d be to live like that too. To work hard each day tending what we are given, then fall into bed trusting that it’s the Lord who provides in each season. 

As great as it all sounds, I sure have a lot to learn before I’m ready to take care of any land or animals on my own. My hope is that through this hands-on apprenticeship I might be able to expand my knowledge and skills in overall ranching so that I might be an asset to whatever sort of operation I find myself at in the future. From fencing to feeding, pasture management to machine operation, I’m excited to learn it all. I hope this time might help me clarify what specific aspect of ranching I’m most gifted in, and then learn how I might be able to make it into a career. I want to preserve land well for future generations, so where else better to learn than from people who have already been doing so for decades? I am truly humbled and grateful for this opportunity to gain wisdom from some of the best out there.

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