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Graham Holtrop, APPRENTICE, Diamond D Angus, MT

May 2021

During my lunch break, I popped into a bookstore next door to where I used to work. I liked to go in there from time to time to just look at what kind of books they had. One day I grabbed a book title “The world ending fire. The Essential Wendell Berry” by Wendell Berry. Wendell has strong opinions on quite a few subjects, especially Agriculture, and I tended to agree with him on his views about it. He piqued my interest in Agriculture, and it sent me down a rabbit trail of books related to what some would call Regenerative Agriculture. A book got me interested in agriculture. It got me excited about how quality farming and ranching can create positive economic, social, cultural, and nutritional change in our communities. 

I finally got some experience in Ag, outside of a book, when I interned at Alderspring Ranch during the summer of 2020. They run an awesome operation and I was able to experience first-hand how a ranch managed the right way really could make great economic, social, cultural and nutritional change. I fell in love with managed grazing and helping produce a high-quality animal protein. This experience sprung me to where I am now at Diamond D Angus Ranch. I wanted an experience where I could learn more about the genetically correct animals to graze, as well as gaining work experience managing cattle herds with low inputs and in a managed grazing system. I have already learned a lot about all three of those things just in my first month alone. I am hoping to expand on this knowledge and to really just get comfortable grazing cattle on a day to day basis.   

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