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New Agrarian News

Once a month we send out news about New Agrarian apprenticeships and about other agrarian work and learning opportunities. We offer this service free to the community, and we encourage you to use our network to find an employee, apprentice, or intern for your ranch or farm.

Career Connection

The New Agrarian Career Connection is an agricultural career fair designed to connect established producers and land managers with the next generation of ranchers and farmers. These events, hosted by Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian Program in partnership with the National Young Farmers Coalition, New Mexico Organic Farming Conference, National Grazing Lands Coalition, and the Rio Grande Farmers Coalition, is a great place to find just the right candidate for your ranch or farm.

Prospective employers/mentors include (but are not limited to) private ranches and farms, conservation groups, food advocacy organizations, government agencies, land use service consultants (e.g. Holistic Management) and related private-sector businesses. Quivira’s New Agrarian Program works local partners to help ensure a strong showing of highly qualified, enthusiastic beginning farmers, ranchers and land advocates in search of mentorship and opportunity.

This event happens at Quivira’s REGENERATE Conference (November 20-22, 2019 in Albuquerque, NM), at the National Grazing Lands Coalition Conference in Reno, Nevada, and at the New Mexico Organic Farming Conference (February 15, 2019 in Albuquerque, NM).


Please take a moment to share your opportunity.

For Career Connection, if you submit your opportunity at least three weeks before the event you are attending, we will list your job, business, or learning opportunity in the program and assign a table at the event where job seekers can find you.  After that you are still welcome to join us — your opportunity will be listed on a flipchart at the event.

For New Agrarian News, if you submit before the end of the month, we will list your opportunity in the news of the following month.

Successful submissions will show a “Thank you for your submission” confirmation screen.

Register for the 2019 Comanche Creek Volunteer Weekend!

August 2-4

Every summer, Quivira organizes a volunteer work weekend in the Comanche Creek Watershed. It’s all about getting muddy in the creek, building community, and hands-on watershed restoration. Come learn from the experts—Bill Zeedyk, Jeffrey Adams, Mark Reineke, Margie Tatro, and Jan-Willem Jansens—and work with the Quivira crew. We’ll be building the traditional Zeedyk-inspired structures with an interesting twist, exploring how Keyline Design principles are relevant to slope wetland restoration. All the new things we’re learning this year will be presented in a technical guide and at a workshop, as part of the 2019 REGENERATE conference. Please join Quivira and restoration experts in work to improve wetland function and keep the creeks flowing in the Valle Vidal! And Joe Hancock is bringing his horse and dog team back to help get the work done!


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Contact Mollie Walton with any questions at or at 254-688-0348.


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