Soil Health Workbook

Fundamentals, Principles, and Management, For Producers and Technical Service Providers in the Dryland Intermountain West


Developed by Eva Stricker, PhD, and Linden Schneider, MS
Based on presentations by New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service, led by John Idowu, PhD


Our goal is to raise awareness of soil health and support management that will increase the resilience and productivity of working lands. We want to bring whole systems thinking to the spatial (from clay particles to acres) and temporal (from seconds to centuries) scales that interact to form and transform soil ecosystems. And we encourage readers of this workbook to observe how parts of the soil ecosystem respond to management and how others are generally unchanging within the human timescale. We will explore the exciting challenge of working within constraints imposed by soil ecosystems to support resilient and productive working landscapes throughout the Intermountain West.

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