Resilience, Issue 40 – Beyond Resilience

September 2014

In 2007, the Board of the Quivira Coalition added the words “build resilience” to our mission statement. Resilience means “to bounce back” or “recover quickly” from a shock or surprise. In ecology, it refers to the capacity of plant and animal populations to handle disruption caused by fire, flood, drought, or insect infestation. In ranching, it means enduring droughts, low cattle prices, and other stresses over the years. Today, while building resilience is more important than ever, it may not be enough. That’s because the definition of “normal” is changing. In this issue of our journal, we tackle the idea of going beyond resilience for ranchers, landowners, wildlife and young people.

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Quivira's annual newsletter, Resilience, has served as a source for producer-driven rangeland science, a place for stories and reflections from our community, and resource on implementation of regenerative agriculture on arid lands. If you would like to submit an article or story for Resilienceplease email

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