Resilience, Issue 30 – Crossing Divides

March 2007

In this issue of our Journal, we examine a topic that has been a main focus of The Quivira Coalition since its founding ten years ago: bridging divides and mending relationships. Finding a way across the variety of walls – economic, social, historical, and political – that di- vide us is the key to a prosperous and healthy future.

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Quivira's annual print newsletter, Resilience, has served as a source for producer-driven rangeland science, a place for stories and reflections from our community, and resource on implementation of regenerative agriculture on arid lands since the start of Quivira. When you click on the individual issues, you will be able to read the complete publication or download the pdf. Sort the issues by topic if you'd like. If you would like to submit an article or story for Resilienceplease email

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