Caroline Caldwell on Land Transition and Advice for the New Agrarian

Caroline Caldwell is a rancher, academic, traveller, Corgi-owner, and Quivira’s very own Northern Plains Manager here at the New Agrarian Program. In this episode, we pick Caroline’s brain about land transition and her work with American Farmland Trust, her perspective on how new agrarians can find success without inheriting land, and what qualities you can work on to become a great ranch manager.

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2:39 – Introduction, Caroline describes the ranch she lives on and her background in agriculture
6:55 – Caroline discusses her current work with Quivira Coalition
7:55 – Most rewarding and challenging parts of her current job
9:45 – Tips for mentors and/or apprentices for conflict resolution
12:20 – Common internal issues people new to agriculture face
16:21 – Discussed American Farmland Trust project with transitioning land to a new generation
19:46 – Options for new agrarians to work in regenerative ranching
23:47 – Evaluating ideas and values of ownership versus ranch management/stewardship
29:42 – Is agriculture production right for you?
32:13 – Things to consider for ranch/land management success
35:50 – Personality traits best for being in ranch management position
37:38 – Interesting/surprising things Caroline has learned about land transition in the West and people’s connection to their source of food
41:33 – How to learn more about land transition
43:06 – What’s next for Caroline and her career trajectory

47:40 – In-person event in Colorado – October 19-20, 2022 – Society for Range Management 
48:47 – Job Announcements
Richards Ranch/C&R Ranch Apprenticeships
NAP 101 Zoom Calls
Deep Springs College Farm Email [email protected]
Apricot Lane Farms 

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