Resilience Issue #44 – Microbes, Markets, Climate


“How do you create resilient lands, economies, and communities?” “How does what you wear represent what you stand for?” “How might different compost microbial communities affect soil health and productivity?” “How do we connect to each other: as one person to another, as a people to society, and as a society to various cultures?” “Can the soil microbiome be engineered?” “What if lenders had to consider soil as a depreciating asset?”

These questions comprise a mere handful of those posed by the writers, ranchers, farmers, and scientists gathered in the forty-fourth issue of Resilience. Their questions are practical: tested by science, by experience, and directed toward on-the-ground solutions. Their questions are also philosophical: sensitive to contradiction, to tensions between local knowledge and global interests, and to the complexity of our human spirit. Taken together, such inquiries attest to the specificity and scale of this issue’s tripartite theme: Microbes, Markets, and Climate.

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