Louis Martin

Louis Martin, founder and CEO of Round River Resource Management, LLC a land and livestock management company dedicated to managing ranchlands and livestock for economic and ecological sustainability. Louis has been involved in the ranching industry for over forty years and became a student of holistic management in 1985. As a graduate from Texas A&M University, Louis served as the manager of the TAMU Beef Center for 18 years, before moving to eastern Utah to manage a large public lands ranch near Vernal. In 2003, Louis moved to Colorado and in 2008 founded Round River after being selected to lease and manage the Brett Gray Ranch by the Colorado State Land Board and The Nature Conservancy. Today, Round River manages of over 75,000 acres of ranch lands, using regenerative time-controlled grazing practices and livestock as tools to restore ranchlands and provide profitability to land and livestock owners while offering a pathway into ranching for aspiring agriculturist through an internship/apprenticeship/mentoring program.

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