Kristina Britt
Communications Coordinator


Contact Kristina:

Kristina at quiviracoalition dot org

Communications Coordinator

Kristina is a passionate advocate for regenerative agriculture and supporting those in this field. She joins the team with a colorful background in many aspects of the agricultural industry including pasture-raised swine and poultry, grassfed beef, produce, fruit trees, dairy cattle, agritourism, event planning, marketing, and program planning. Kristina is a two-time graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Extension Education with minors in Agricultural Leadership and Animal Science and a Master’s of Animal Science degree. In the few years she spent as a Livestock Extension Agent, Kristina worked with farmers of all different backgrounds, expertise, and skill levels; sharing knowledge, methods, and technologies to improve productivity, efficiency, and bottom lines. Kristina is excited to bring a farmer/rancher-centered approach to her communications work and be able to support telling the stories of regenerative ranchers.Kristina is an avid traveller and loves to explore national parks and new countries. When not working or traveling, she loves to read, try new coffee shops, hang out with her dog, Zelda, and plan her next trip.