Science, Spirituality, and Agriculture: The Faithlands Initiative

Religious leaders as farmers, regenerative agriculture as a spiritual practice: Faithlands, an initiative of the Agrarian Trust, is all about community-building, food security, environmental restoration, and an interfaith, interdisciplinary approach to building a healthier and more just food system.  It brings together religious traditions and regenerative agriculture. In this episode we talk to Severine von Tscharner Fleming, organizer in the young farmers movement, and Sam Chamelin, founding pastor of the Keep and Till and the St. Mark’s United Church of Christ in Hempstead Maryland.

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Episode 44 – A regenerative farmer in Kenya

Episode 44 – A regenerative farmer in Kenya

Industrial agriculture looks like it’s alive, but often the soil is dead, animals are living in excruciating conditions, and the food looks good but is not as nutritious as food grown from living soils in humane circumstances.

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