Emily Luscombe

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Emily is the Natural Resources Director for the Intertribal Agriculture Council. She grew up in rural Northern California in a sustainable subsistence farming and ranching environment. She attended Connecticut College where she double majored in Environmental Studies and Anthropology. After college she attended Flinders University of South Australia where she obtained a Masters Degree in Environmental Management and a second Bachelors Degree in Education. Emily has worked in a variety of jobs and most recently has spent nine years managing Tribal Environmental Programs in California and Nevada and assisting other Tribes in a variety of capacities related to Natural Resources, Hazard Mitigation, water quality, evaluating and applying traditional practices, climate change planning, outreach, and Environmental Sustainability. Emily’s work with the Intertribal Agriculture Council focuses on outreach, sustainability, climate change, water resources, regeneration, and food sovereignty.

Plenary Panel

Food Production and Value-added Strategies in These Changing Times