From apprentice to foreman — building a career in farming

Paul Neubauer worked on his uncle’s farm before he went to college, and developed a passion that led him to a life in agriculture. To build his skills he went through the Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian apprenticeship program, and now works for one of Quivira’s mentor operations, Vilicus Farms, in Montana. He reflects on the challenges and rewards of working in agriculture, being both a mentor and a student, and the many kinds of skills——practical and personal——that it takes to build a thriving operation.

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Episode 72 – Bringing Buffalo back home

Episode 72 – Bringing Buffalo back home

The Eastern Shoshone people traditionally survived with the buffalo, and their way of life suffered when tens of millions of buffalo were killed by the US government. But now they’re returning to the land–and starting to renew a culture.

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