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Lorianne Kincaid, APPRENTICE, Home Ranch, CO

First Reflections
April 2023

Inquiring about what contributes to forming a meaningful life will differ vastly from person to person. Even as I’ve started my journey into agriculture, the life I hope to cultivate has changed greatly from the ideas of the old city dweller I used to be. I like to think that for myself and the average agrarian, a meaningful life is defined by the quality of connection one fosters with both community and nature. It is also defined by the endless pursuit of one’s purpose and passions with the knowledge that you are going to have to work hard to get there.

The apprenticeship I have set before me will help me to explore every avenue of those connections, leading me to my purpose and passion for agriculture. The Home Ranch offers a variety of agricultural programs for an apprentice to gain a well-rounded experience. With the horse and cattle programs, I hope to learn how to steward the land using holistic practices, deepening my connection with nature. It also allows me to explore my passion for horses, bettering my horsemanship skills and teaching me how to work and move cattle in nature’s image. The beef and high-country farming programs will help me to connect with the local community with products from the ranch that I had a hand in raising and growing. This apprenticeship and The Home Ranch are providing me with the tools to carve out a meaningful life, by my definition. 

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